Free Bulk email sender: Send Unlimited emails

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Free Bulk email sender

In this article I am going to introduce you to a bulk email sender. It is a free bulk email sender which I am going to give it out for free. Sending out emails has tends to prove how important it is to business owners. It helps drive sales to our services and products. It is really hard to find a free bulk email sender that why, I have gone through stress and hard work to find you this awesome software that can help you deliver your emails to as many people as you want.

I’m going to show you how to download and install the software on your computer, how to do the setups and how to send your bulk emails with this free software.

How to download the free bulk mail sender

Read the article to the end, you will see a download button named Bulk Email Sender. Click on it to download.

How to install the free bulk mail sender

1. Right click on the zip file, click on ‘extract here’ and enter the password to extract the files into the same directory. The Password is 123.

Extract free Bulk email sender

2. Click on ‘ Auto_Mail_Sender_18.3.108 ‘ folder. Two files are inside that folder; which is setup.exe and crack. Double click on the ‘setup.exe‘ file to open it.

free Bulk email sender

3.Click on ‘Ok‘, select ‘I accept the agreement’ and click ‘Next’.

free Bulk email sender

4. Click ‘Next’ three (3) times in succession and finally click ‘Install’ to install the software.

free Bulk email sender

5. Unselect ‘Launch Auto Mail Sender Standard Edition’ and Click on Finish to avoid the software from opening.

free Bulk email sender

6. Right Click on the Task bar and click on ‘Task Manager’ or search for ‘Task Manager’ Or Press Ctrl+alt+delete and click on ‘Task Manager’ to open.

7. Check through for Auto mail sender in the list of running programs, if the auto mail sender software is still running, right click on it and click ‘end task‘ to close the software from running at the background.

End Task

8. Right Click on the ‘crack file‘ and click on ‘extract here‘ to extract the files in the current location.

Extract Crack files

9. Double click on ‘activator‘ and click ‘yes‘ to open the crack file.

9. Click on ‘Patch‘ to register the software and Click ‘OK‘. Click ‘Exit‘ after patching completes.


 You are done with the installation of the software, go and double click on the ‘Auto mail sender’ to open it. Click on ‘Cancel‘ when asked to update.

How to setup your SMTP in Auto mail sender

1. Click on ‘Options‘.

6. Click on ‘Add‘.

Choose normal account if you are using your own SMTP. You can choose Gmail account or Microsoft account so choose one of them if you want to connect Gmail or Microsoft SMTP respectively.

Add your smtp

Fill in the form accordingly;

  • Server: Your server address
  • Port: Your port Number
  • Check Authentication Required
  • Connection Security: Choose according to your Port Number
  • User: your email address
  • Password: Your Email address’ Password
  • Display Name: Brand or Business name
  • Email Address: Email Address

Click ‘Save and Close

Setup smtp in free bulk email sender

Click on the SMTP and click on ‘Test‘ to see if your SMTP has been configured correctly.

You should see this message if success ‘connected and logged into SMTP server successfully

Click OK.

Test Smtp

Note: When you get an error it’s either the port number is incorrect or your password is incorrect so keep on checking the password and the port number when test fails.

Click on ‘Save and Close‘ the window.

Sending out bulk emails with Auto Mail Sender

Fill this form with your details
  • Account: At the account section choose your preferred SMTP if connected 2 or more.
  • Recipient: Make sure ‘Use file‘ is selected if you have list of emails to send to. You can select ‘Input‘ if you want to enter the emails manually.
  • CC: You can add emails if you want to send a copy to someone.
  • BCC: Leave it blank
  • Subject: Enter the subject of your email.
  • Type: Choose ‘Plain text‘ if you intend to send raw message; it’s more secure. Choose ‘Rich Text‘ if you want to add images into your emails without attachment.
  • Priority: Leave it at ‘normal‘.
  • Date: Leave it at ‘Actual‘ if you want to send it immediately after pressing send. Choose ‘custom‘ if you want to schedule it.

Click on Send.

Send bulk emails

A window will pop up showing your sending statistics such as the number of emails sent successfully, paused, failed and cancelled.


This is all about the best and powerful bulk email sender out there. Send as many as you can…Please Advertise, Don’t Spam.

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